Using Virtual Reality to Influence Audiences – Entertainment Industry Trend

Using Virtual Reality to Influence Audiences – Entertainment Industry Trend

The entertainment industry is something that has always been a form of diversion from the everyday norm. From catering to board games to watching your favorite TV shows on Netflix,
the world of entertainment allows the participant to escape. In the olden days, many considered entertainment that involved Television to be evil and cursed. That was until the first technological enhancements. Before LED TVs were created, we had to depend on radio stations to listen to music and the latest news. Now, however, there are more than five different types of brands that offer high definition Television viewing experiences. Introduced only a while ago in the gaming industry Virtual reality became a sensation when it was released in October 2016. This piece of tech was explicitly designed so that it would be perfectly functional with the PlayStation 4 video game console.

Virtual reality is a conventional technology in gaming, today. It is a technological advancement that fits over your eyes like a pair of goggles. From there it projects images into the goggles with the help of an attached phone or wired console. It provides the user with
a sense of them being in the game. Similar to an open world, gamers are to physically move around the room while simultaneously using simple hand controls to move the character. However, other than for gaming, there is not much known about what Virtual Reality can be used for in the entertainment industry. Although this technology is new, the buzz about it has yet to die down. Though many companies are jumping to find new ways to boost this innovative piece of technology, the full potential of the tech is yet to be unearthed.  

Virtual Reality Cinemas

Similar to 3D, Virtual reality cinemas focus on letting the audience play a part in the movie. Having the audience enter the scene through technology to glimpse into the reality realm, is hoped to be a positive experience. Multiple steps have been taken to achieve this goal. 4D experience is something that everyone should experience. With new add-ins such as wind effects, turbulent seating, there are many features included in this cinema, and it helps make your movie worth watching. The main features of the cinema are seating. The seats in the cinema are not ordinary. They release harmless chemicals when the scene depicted on the silver screen showing a particular moment of thrill. In some cases, the seats are known to vibrate to create a feeling where a car is turning on, or you are experiencing an earthquake. With the release of the newly introduced cinema, many are waiting to witness what will happen next with technological advancements in entertainment.

Virtual Reality Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are a vital entertainment to those holidaying in foreign locations. Many amusements like Disney World and Universal Studios are famous for their rides, but recently many improvements are boosted with the release of Virtual Reality. The new and improved rides known as ‘Star Tours’ now focus on utilizing VR headgear and other essential features that make the trip immensely entertaining. The seating and technology in these rides are known to be incredibly innovative and unique. Fitted with HD screens, surround sound and moving seats, this ride is designed to be an indoor roller coaster, with terrifying graphics and twirls that are sure to leave you screaming.

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