The Entertainment Industry and Amusement Parks

The Entertainment Industry and Amusement Parks

One of the most recent additions to the entertainment industry has been the emergence of the amusement parks. These are parks that have numerous rides, stalls and games and are static in nature as they remain in the same spot.

The size of these parks tend to be large and often huge amounts of money has been invested in the infrastructure. They have the biggest and most frightening rides and the parks tend to be theme based. Some are created around a product, such as Walt Disney or Lego, while others are based around the type of rides they specialize in, such as water parks.

The parks evolved from fairs with people craving the excitement they were getting from the larger rides. However, the size of the rides was always limited by the mobility of the carnivals. In order to make the rides larger and more exciting, they needed to be built in one place with larger foundations. This has enabled the designers and engineers to develop the rides into far more exhilarating facilities.

The famous Nemesis ride in Alton Towers

Many of the parks strive for the biggest and exciting rides. One park that has tried to maximize its popularity by building the biggest rides is Alton Towers in Staffordshire. The resort combines a hotel with 10 major rides that contains both land and water based attractions.

The resort opened in 1924 using its gardens as a tourist attraction but it wasn’t until the 1980s that the building of some of the world’s greatest rollercoasters started to take place. Today some of its famous rides include Nemesis, Galactica and Oblivion.

The rides are not only famed for their speeds but also due to the fact that some are inverted while others have sheer drops. The constant need to keep up with the technological advances of the rides are tempered by the requirement to insure that the rides are safe and keep up with health and safety standard.

It isn’t just the spectacular nature of amusement parks that make them popular. Alton Towers is the second most popular park in the United Kingdom, yet it is headed in numbers of visitors by Legoland which is located near Windsor just outside of London.

The model of Big Ben is popular at Legoland

The park now attracts over 2.1 million visitors each year but it is not the spectacular nature of the rides that makes it so popular. In fact, they are quite tame compared to the numerous other parks to be found in the United Kingdom.

The park is aimed at children aged between 3 and 12 years of age. The park consists of huge models that are entirely constructed from lego. One of the most popular features is Big Ben which was installed in 1994 when the park was first opened.

This has been followed by numerous other structures that include St Paul’s Cathedral, Kingdom of the Pharaohs and Knights Kingdom. There are numerous rides that but they have been installed in order for visitors to get around to seeing the attractions in a leisurely fashion.

Legoland does not have spectacular rides as it is not aiming at this market, but what it does share with every other park is having numerous food and refreshment stalls. Each park has a range of catering to satisfy every taste.

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