Stream Entertainment Industry in the UK

Live Stream Entertainment Industry in the UK

With the entry of online services such as Netflix, the conventional of watching television is being given up. Live streaming is now the binge watch culture trend, especially in the UK. Videos on social media are now the original form of content that people prefer.

Technological advancements have made it possible for audiences to not only view recorded videos but also live events and view them across their different networking platforms. Most people in the UK are now thrilled that they can watch sporting events, talks, performances, and even political campaigns that were earlier considered too short to air on traditional television. Facebook users are happy with the announcement by Facebook about their release of a live streaming service created to compete with Amazon and Netflix, respectively.  The advertisements about their launch are aimed at the audiences in the UK who will support their shows. The service is set to be free of charge as of now, which will start with the data already present in extensive amounts on the platform. The drive to earn money is the only reason that pushes companies to attempt live streaming. YouTube is the pioneer for video streaming and has made an extensive income in the last year. If this is going to be the result, we can expect this kind of service to be offered by different platforms shortly.

Globalizing Content

The ability to live stream allows entertainment from all over the
globe. It enables people to know more about the happenings, events, and
entertainment from anywhere. It opens people to different foods, cultures,
sports, and a lot more. In this way, it brings different parts of the world and
people together. 

Changes Brought by Live Streaming

Watching live entertainment is not new, yet people marvel about the changes brought by live streaming. There are some areas of live streaming that have an impact on the way it functions. The entertainment ropes keep moving, and live streaming is all about binge-watching, today. Live streaming is beneficial, and this is clear as it directly reaches the audience and without the requirement of any financial backing. However, even today, YouTube is one of the leaders in live gaming and streaming in the UK. Twitch is a rival to YouTube and is gaining popularity amongst its UK audiences too. Gaming is another big revolution in the UK and has garnered a record high audience according to YouTube’s viewer statistics. The service of live streaming on YouTube attracts gamers of over 100 million every month all over the world, and this is an accomplishment.

Changes Brought by Live Streaming

Microsoft launched ‘Mixer’
a new application that allows gamers to enjoy live streaming with the click of a
button. The app will be available to Android users, but iOS will enjoy limited
capabilities. The mobile technology allows four different games into a single
screen combining their streams, thereby offering more extensive
experience. Many venues and clubs around the UK now live stream their
events, thus helping people know the location of a bar, the crowd, as to who is
present in a bar, before venturing out. Cameras are set up with live streaming
in public places as well, and this helps anyone keep a clear tab.

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