How Social Media Has Influenced the Entertainment Industry

How Social Media Has Influenced the Entertainment Industry

Social Media, the digital revolution that has impacted the
lives of almost everyone on this planet, is right up there with the most significant
changes that the entertainment industry has seen. The rise of social media has
touched the lives of people from the film industry in many ways. Social media
has changed the mentality of ordinary people in regard to the entertainment
industry, both in a right way and a wrong way. Some of the advantages
of social media like easier accessibility and more platforms to show talent are
very apparent. But there are also some profound impacts which need a closer
look to understand.

Stardom isn’t the same anymore

Celebrities today don’t have the same craze and God-like
status among ordinary people. Fans don’t idolize the personalities in the same
manner as they used to before the social media era. The celebrities seem more
reasonable now as the fans can see almost every action of their favourite
stars. Getting the headlines and fame isn’t as robust as once it was. Anyone
can get viral and become famous with any silly act of theirs. There are several
examples of people coming from nowhere and climbing the ladder of fame in no
time because of social media. Justin Bieber’s rise to fame is one prime example
of the impact of social media.

Easy Accessibility to the Celebrities

Before the social media era, the fans had minimal knowledge
of their favourite celebrities’ lifestyles. They had to wait for entertainment magazines,
and entertainment news shows to get any information about the stars. The star
had the power to leak whatever they wanted the fans to know, and nothing else.
It’s not the same anymore; fans can keep track of the stars through their
social media posts. It has also become very tough for celebrities to filter the
news in the way they want it to reach the fans.

More Opportunities and Less Privacy

Social media has also brought a lot of opportunities for
talented people to make their way to the top. Before, there were minimal
options to make the journey to fame and money. There are many platforms
available for the people to show their work to the audiences, without spending
a penny. If you’ve it in you, nothing can stop you. But with more
opportunities, always comes more competition. From the stars’ perspective,
among all the benefits of social media, there are also some disadvantages like
less privacy. Before it was only the media persons, that the celebrities had to
vary. Now, anyone with smartphones
in their hands can take the pictures and post them on Facebook and Instagram.
It has become very challenging for the superstars to get away from fame, even
when they want to.

More Sources for News

There was a time when fans had to wait for months to get any
knowledge about their favourite stars’ future work. It was very challenging and
expensive for ordinary people to listen or watch the work of their favourite
celebrities even when it was released. Now, you’re just one click away from
listening to any song or watch any movie. The social media keep you updated
with all the upcoming works of the stars. Fans know the release date of music
albums and films months before.

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