Entertainment through being a sports fan

Entertainment through being a sports fan

Today huge numbers of people spend their spare time away from work following their sports team or even sporting events. They are able to do this by either going to a ground to watch their team in action in stadiums or sporting venues, or by merely sitting on the sofa and tuning into one of the numerous sports channels that are now available to the general public. In the United Kingdom the continuing up grading of transport networks makes it easier for sports fans to attend games, whether it be at the side’s home stadiums, or even travelling up and down the country to the away games.

Stoke fans taking advantage of the free travel

Many sides will entice supporters to travel to away stadiums. Stoke City who play in the football Premier League has provided free coach travel to supporter’s who wish to follow the side away from home. They have been doing this for five consecutive seasons.  Many of the largest sides even attract supporters who travel from overseas to support their teams. Many supporters will travel in from other parts of Europe to watch the Manchester United home games which has average attendances of 75,000 spectators. The club is famous who having as many supporters from outside of the Manchester area as they do from within the city. Today’s fans are treated by the comfort the modern stadiums offer and this is true with all of the sports. In previous years fans would be packed into open aired terraces with standing room only. Nowadays every fan has a seat at the top venues. Those supporters who are willing to pay more can even purchase a luxury box where as well as having the best views, enables the fans to be fed and watered. Some of the most modern stadiums have the best playing surfaces, the best seats and even retractable roofs. The Principality Stadium in Cardiff is a multi-purpose venue, but its main role is to offer a home to the Wales Rugby Union team. The authorities are able to decide whether to close or open the roof and this will be decided with the weather forecast in mind.

Some sports are also even adjusting the rules of their games to entice more supporters into their grounds. Cricket has now incorporated the 20/20 competition. This shorter format of the game has

Floodlit 20/20 at Lords in London

become a fixture in cricket leagues around the world. It offers greater excitement to the spectator as it there is more action and the game does not last as long as it does in other formats in the game. The cricket grounds in the UK are now packed in the summer evenings as the ground is full of adults who have finished work and children who have ended their school day. But it is not only the sports teams that attract huge numbers of spectators. The major golf championship in the UK will see fans swarming in to attend the event. At the Open at Royal Birkdale in 2017, the event was attended by 235,000 spectators over the 4 days of competition and on occasions like this it is impossible to provide the luxuries offered by the modern day stadiums.

Britain has a sports mad public that loves attending sports events to see the world class stars in action. They are happy to brave the weather to watch these events taking place. Spectators flock to the Grand National horse race at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool and are also happy to line the streets of London to watch the Annual marathon. Those who are not able to attend the events are happy watching them take place on television. Sports coverage has not ever been as intense as it is today. The emergence of the subscription channels has resulted in their being more live sporting fixtures being aired. People are happy to pay their monthly subscriptions and this has resulted in companies such as Sky Sports and BT paying the different sports vast sums of money, in order to being able to televise their games live. The sports fan nowadays does not have to leave their home to watch their team in action.

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