Entertainment in the Modern-Day City

Entertainment in the Modern-Day City

The large modern-day city is home to many areas that are set-aside to satisfy the needs of the entertainment industry. As time passed, cities have changed from being the center of industrial activity to being home to the source of how people are entertained.

As each society develops more of its population become increasingly affluent. They are able to use large portions of their incomes to be entertained. This has resulted in the middle of cities now being dominated by entertainments while the older industrial bases have been moved to the outside of the region where the land is less expensive.

The bright lights of London’s West End

Perhaps the heart of any city is the theatre area where the major shows are produced and performed. In New York this is Broadway and in London it’s the West End. Both areas are right in the heart of their cities and the magnificent theatres are situated on this most expansive land.

They have rich histories that chronicle the great shows that have been performed on their famed stages by renowned actors and actresses. They are also home to the major cinemas and it is this place of the city when the first night for the newly released films are shown. This is epitomized by the red start treatment of the celebrity cast.

This central area of the city is also home to the richest form of shopping available. There has been a steady out migration from the city as shopping malls have appeared on cheaper land on the edge of cities. However, this has not put off major stores from locating right in the center of the city.

There are certain streets in the heart of cities that are famous for their retail reputation. Oxford Street in London is a good example of an area that contains the nation’s largest stores. People will venture out for shopping as a form of entertainment. Trying on and buying the latest fashion brands is a socializing activity that the young have enjoyed for years.

Harvey Nicholls in Knightsbridge

London is a good example of a city where exclusive shops are attracted into certain boroughs as the status of the address justifies the high-end products. Knightsbridge is home to both Harrods and Harvey Nicholls which offers the best designer clothes and products that are for sale. People are happy to pay the ludicrous prices for their products and are entertained by shopping in the stores.

Some streets became related with certain products. Savile Row in London is the home to many tailors who specialize in men’s suits. Many men enjoy shopping as much as women and they are happy to pay a small fortune to purchase the best fitting suits for both work and pleasure.

Finally, cities will be the destination for teenagers to come and check out the latest fashions. These areas are not necessarily the most expensive regions as the young cannot afford the higher prices. The value stores along the Kings Road in Fulham, the shops in Carnaby Street and the stalls in Camden Market will be full of young people who will spend hours happily trying to choose the most modern clothing at the right prices.

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