and Different Exhibitions

Entertainment and Different Exhibitions

Exhibitions form an important part of the entertainments industries. They are a major attraction for people who travel to a certain area and wish to find out more about the region they are visiting. The most popular of exhibitions are museums that are found in a wide range of venues. There was a time when museums would only be found in the major cities, but this is no longer the case as a museum is likely to open in any region where they have been some type of historical activity that may create an interest. London houses some of the most popular museums in the world. The Natural History Museum, The British Museum and the National Gallery museum are three out of many that are available in London. These museums house possessions that have some type of historical importance to the nation. The visitors will range from tourists to educational groups

The Natural History Museum

These museums are priceless in terms of their value and the revenue they produce during the year. There are other museums in the capital that are not as vast yet are still excellent venues for people to visit. One of the most interesting is The Vault situated at the Hard Rock Café in Old Park Lane. The museum is situated in an old Coutts bank vault and commemorates rock music with admission being free. It is possible to view items that range from Slash’s (Guns n Roses) old guitar to a harpsichord that was regularly played by the Beatles.

Exhibitions can take other forms as well as being located in museum. In the summer months agricultural shows up and down the country presents the very best in British agriculture. One of the largest is the Bath and West show which is held each May just outside the town of Shepton Mallet in Somerset. The 4-day event regularly attracts over 150,000 spectators and there are various exhibitions, competitions and stalls. The show is famed for the live produce that goes on show and is able to combine a real market atmosphere while still be able to create an exhibition feel.

There are over 1000 stalls in operation and the range of produce that the visitors are able to purchase is huge. The entertainment is rounded off with the completion in the main ring of the British Horse Show Jumping Competition. Art exhibitions are also located in the major cities. The National Gallery in London is located in Trafalgar Square and is free to enter. It is home to more than 2,300 priceless paintings and was first opened in 1824. The gallery is privately funded so is not the size of many other galleries in Europe.

The Royal Bath and West Show

The Hepworth, Wakefield was only opened in 2011 and was created to celebrate the works of artist Barbara Hepworth who was born and educated in the city.  The building cost more than 35 million pounds to build and was financed by a variety of sources which included Wakefield Council, the Heritage Lottery fund and the Arts Council England. The collection includes works from Henry Moore, David Hockney, Paul Nash as well as Hepworth herself. In 2017 the Gallery was named the UK’s Museum of the year.

Wax museums are another popular form of exhibition entertainment. Many museums will have sections where wax models have been used to recreate history. Sometimes they are used to reconstruct grizzly events and the areas are often known as “Chambers of Horrors”. Madame Tussauds wax museum has been located in London’s Baker Street since 1835 and from here it has spread to be located in several other cities around the world. The London branch today include historical and royal figures, sports stars, film stars and famous murderers.

Visiting exhibitions is a favourite for those wishing to be entertained. These places educate those who pass through their doors to give an understanding of what may really happened over the course of history.

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