Entertainment and Carnivals

Entertainment and Carnivals

The carnival is often also known as a travelling funfair. It is an amusement show that is made up of different  components that combine together to provide a destination that many people are attracted to when the carnival arrives in their area.

The dodgem’s are always at the heart of the carnival

The carnival is a travelling show and will go around a country during the summer months with the agenda, following the same routine that has been followed for numerous years. Their arrivals will often coincide with village shows and celebrations that will result in large numbers of people attending. Due to the transient nature of the show they are often run and organized by travelling families. The center of the carnival are always the rides and the sign of a fair being in town is the sight of the big Ferris Wheel going round and round.

There are a number of different rides but they are not to be confused with the thrill rides that are experienced in the amusement parks. One of the most popular rides in the funfair is the dodgems, where people will often spend hours of their time trying to avoid collisions, or in some cases, being the instigators of crashes.

The rides do tend to have a younger feel about them with miniature railways and rollercoasters being popular. However, the fair is not short of entertaining activities and they are a number of side stalls that provide games that have been played for centuries. The coconut shy is one of the most popular games with the public throwing wooden balls at coconuts that are suspended off the floor. There is also a number of shooting games where people test their marksmen skills and the game of bouncing ping pong balls into empty jam jars is always a popular activity.

The cake stall at the carnival

The food stalls are certainly an area where carnivals stand out. There is nearly always a barbecue being cooked and as time has progressed the increasing multi ethnicity of countries such as the United Kingdom has seen an increase of foreign food stalls at carnivals.

The stalls are also used for selling local produce such as cheese, meats and pies. Often different association’s join forces to bake cakes and make sandwiches. The fair will also provide a bar if the organizers can acquire a license. A major feature of carnivals are the amusement arcades. These are small in nature when compared to casinos and the stakes are low. Often the prizes are soft toys and gifts as opposed to cash ones. One of the favorite games is dropping coins in the hope that they will dislodge others to fall into the pay slot.

The difference between carnivals and amusement parks is that the carnival tends to reflect the community that it is serving. This means that it is likely to change in what stalls are on offer from location to location. It is totally different to amusement parks which are always in the same location so they will have a greater consistency in what stalls and rides are on offer and will change little over time.

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